Good vibes and prayers.. (1 Viewer)

All the energy possible to your son and your family. Hang in there. We’re all pulling for you guys.

Haven't shared an update in a few days.

RJ continues to make some progress, all be it while still in the hospital. He's doing some therapy and remains in good spirits. One of the main reasons for a lengthy hospital stay, is that we had to get his insurance straightened out so hopefully we can get him in both hospital-related and at-home therapy.

We truly appreciate all of the prayers and good vibes!
New update on RJ.
He was discharged earlier today and moved to an in-patient facility! He continues to make progress, thank goodness. He could possibly be at this place for about 2 weeks or less. It depends on the progress he makes and if they feel that he can be safe at home. Especially if he happens to be by himself.

More to come.
RJ was moved to a new room sometime yesterday evening. Probably as a result of him getting discharged on the 28th.

Yes, he's finally coming home!

Also.. earlier today, he had physical therapy. He walked to the elevator and then to their gym on the 4th floor. And then went all the way back without a walking aid or assistance of any kind!!

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