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We eclipsed the four-figure mark. 9 days left to help out a chipper (and her friends) in need.

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Five days left. The 11 donors and 4 people who sent sales/auction dollars have surpassed my goal of $1000. $1500 is on the horizon.

Any amount is accepted. 50 donations of $10 would get us close to the $2k mark.
You guys are amazing. There have been so many challenges during this time, and all are surmountable with your support.

Morgan has returned to work, and has her 3-month check up on 1/25, at which time she will hopefully get to remove her body brace supporting her spine.
Erica returns to work on 1/17, and her recovery is on track to make this happen.

My vision is not yet improving, but the eye specialist said to just give it more time. Annie is on the mend as well.

We're doing it!! Thank you so much for all of your help in getting there!
All great news, Mel!

Keep using the good chips!

Funny you say that. I'm leaving in half hour, to go give a poker tutorial to both Erica and Morgan. They see my passion for poker and all of the great people here, and want to learn. I'm taking my CPC Sunriver set (Sundowner tribute, @Sprouty)
This is the first I have heard of this and would have gladly donated. Maybe I still can?

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