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Apr 8, 2014
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Ottawa area, eastern ontario
Just wondering a few things. A plethora of general questions.

LED lighting. I'm just beginning a Custom cloth build with diffuser. I want to use LED tape lights but I'd like to have a battery instead of plugging them in. Where do you folks buy your lights. Any tips on the battery and installation?

Anyone ever pay to use the 104 dollar folding legs available at Rockler? Are they worth it?

Canadian table builders, where do you buy your folding legs and foam? I know YAT is the best but their shipping costs to Canada are quite expensive.

Thanks folks
Thanks Moscow, They are cheaper on that site.
So far I've just been using the regular old Banquet table legs from the big box stores. I wanted to try the Rockler ones, but the price difference is quite significant. I'm going to look into shipping to Canada for these.
Thanks again
No problem. I have to use folding legs and I swear by these ones. Not only are they incredibly sturdy, but they're also, in my opinion, the best looking folding legs out there.

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