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A buddy of mine (@ChipTalker) was getting tired of his dedicated dealer tray.


I had to do a multi part print for that one.

The Dealer Tray Delete Kit


Not my cleanest print, but it did the job.
It’s 160mm. No warping issues with this one but I suspect it’s because of the rounded corners. I print on glass and usually use a brim when printing sharp edges.
Also I forgot to mention that another way I’ve been dealing with warping lately is to use the Cura TabAntiWarping plugin. You probably already know this but it allows you to place adhesion tabs where you want them so you don’t have to do a brim around the whole print.
Pretty cool stuff. Would like to get a 3d printer someday.
I haven't really thought it through but I'm just picturing a gin & tonic sitting in a cup holder being lit up from underneath by some leds - leds that are part of some 3D printed base.
Maybe something like this?

Kind of hard to beat that price.

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