SOLD EU Chippers - Outposts, New Orleans, RoadHouse, Post .50, Copa Casino, Crystal Parks, JACKS Roulette Cloth, etc. (1 Viewer)

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Nov 22, 2018
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Posting to PCF gets more play than ClubPoker, so leaving this here. This is not a sale thread to "drum up interest". Will start selling these as soon as final buyers confirm receipt of chips from last sale.

I've chatted with many of you over the past two months, but can't go through the last 200 messages to see what's what. If we have previously chatted about chips from below or you have new interest, just leave me a comment or shoot me a message. There's also the following available at my cost (not pictured below):

2 Hideaway Sets
Couple Thousand CPS Tourney Chips
Couple Thousand Roulettes from last ChipRoomSale
Close to a full 10K Roadhouse set
There's also 1400 JACKS Roulettes for those I've talked with before

If you don't see what you're looking for and know I have, there will be one final going out of business EU sale in June for the rest (T mold hot stamps, probably Aztar secondary set, other casino THCs).

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Going out of business? :nailbite:

PCF topper for sale?
It's been a year and a half long process of buying and selling to figure out what I like. I'm finally ready to settle down with my two to three sets.

PCF topper isn't *really* part of the sale (JACKS Roulette cloth is!), but if I happen to visit Finland or we both attend a meetup at some point, you could probably talk me into bringing it for you. I'm a pushover.
What roulette chips are for sale? You got photos of them?

5 Bags of these sheratons, all colors (couple thousand)

These Sheratons. Which I’ll also buy. Only selling if I can’t find more.

And there’s a couple thousand of one more. Not sure where those are.
You may need to schedule an EU meat-up/yard sale/swap-meet. You have a crazy amount of chips there now.
Will that Bud Jones Big Easy set be up for grabs, buddy?
In true scrub donk fashion, there’s another set of roulette chips sight unseen in Wisconsin, and then these are purchased a bit ago and still sitting with the seller.

I just need to pick a set to do some customs labels on but I can’t pick.
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So these are available for sale? If so dibs!
So these are available for sale? If so dibs!
Sorry it's a crappy thread. Wasn't trying to do an interest thread or anything, I've just had a lot of conversations with EU chippers that don't seem to frequent the EU site, and wasn't sure how to let them know I was ready to sell off.

I'll probably just pull off what they've told me they wanted, and then just redo a real sales thread with solid pictures, prices, etc. for everyone.
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