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First, you have to define what a "good" player is. I'm a good player, but everyone I face is better than me. Given the vacuum of information the best I can say is fast structure = luck-fest. Expect to lose to the rake.

I could direct you to Nash's equilibrium on zero-sum non-cooperative gaming, which proves inconclusive if the opponent is not making the proper decisions. Since you will encounter numerous opponents in a raked, fast-structure game, your ROI will be subject to high variance. The purpose of the daily tourneys it to get players to have fun and earn the house a profit. You can throw your ROI right out the window.
Depends on a lot of factors... player pool strength (in numbers and skill) being at the top of the list. 10-20% may be doable in some houses, but not many; and at that point you're making about minimum wage.

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