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Oct 28, 2014
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Extra cut cards for sale - $4.00 per pair shipped CONUS. International shipping available at actual cost.

1) SQM 2020 bridge size

2) Doctor’s Lounge poker size

3) Doctor’s Lounge bridge size

Post interest in thread - I have at least 20 pairs of each.

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In for a pair of

SQM 2020
Dr. Lounge bridge
Dr. Lounge poker
In for a pair of

SQM 2020
Dr. Lounge bridge
Dr. Lounge poker
In for a pair of each please

Edited to clarify 1 each of the 3 choices!
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Pair of Dr lounge bridge
Pair of Dr lounge poker

In for a pair of 1 and 3 please.
@k9dr , if it helps the shipping side of things, and if it's okay with Grant, you could combine the cards for our respective orders. Just a tidbit. Easier for you and cheaper for us

Grant has agreed to let me handle the cut cards. I'll pay you for BOTH of our orders. Looks like 10 cards. I'll send a PM and we can figure out the comparative costs of USA vs Can shipping

Thanks for the offering.
FWIW Cards can ship in a regular envelope with a forever stamp. Up to 8 cards.

International first class stamp for everywhere else. Cost for that i think is $1.15 and no need for customs forms.

carry on !

Ive received at least 20 cut cards from @MatB in this fashion in Canada. Love it man!
I will take two pair of the Doctor's Lounge, poker size.

Thank you K9.
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