Custom Poker Table Felt Thread


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Jan 30, 2021
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Fort Wayne, IN
:D Is Tony Chan brilliant or what!? I sent Tony a design I created in Illustrator about ten days ago. He's been very responsive, helpful, transparent, and brought fresh, new angles to my custom felt. My racetrack pattern was your everyday suited pattern but he suggested 3D polygonol suits instead. The left part of the betting line and wolf face was plagued in boring silver but I asked that we give it some flare so he suggested a metal effect instead. I absolutely love the final design! Soon it will be in my hands, laid across my table with cards gliding effortlessly from one end to the other!:wow: Also, I'll be starting my table build thread very soon so keep an eye out!
J.Yoder Final v3.png

Final Suited Pattern.JPG
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