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May 29, 2013
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A lot has changed in my world since I first ordered the CPS chips through Apache -- seems like ages ago now. And given my current circumstances, I no longer plan to keep my CPS set. Instead of trying to sell all 2000 as a single lot, I'll make these available by the sleeve of 25 chips, at $10/sleeve.
Here is what I have available (Tournament chips):

50 x Bounty (SOLD OUT)
300 x $25 (SOLD OUT)
300 x $100 (SOLD OUT)
200 x $500 (SOLD OUT)
400 x $1000 (SOLD OUT)
400 x $5000 (SOLD OUT)
200 x $25k (SOLD OUT)
100 x $100k (SOLD OUT)
50 x $500k (SOLD OUT)

Preference given to larger orders, but basically, first come, first served.

Buyer to pay for shipping in flat rate boxes, and cover paypal fees.
I ship a lot of chips internationally, but I'm going to stay domestic on this one, sorry (unless an order of 600+ chips).

Most chips still in original shrink wrap. Only those that opened during transit from Apache are open -- otherwise, shrink wrapped.
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I wasn't. I found them.

sorry, not familiar with every chip out there.

Fair enough. I was just surprised since these have been all over everything for the past few weeks.

I just got mine last night - they are very nice :) You will like them, I'm sure, and you can't beat the price.
Almost sold out. Only T25, T100, and Bounty chips remaining.
wow! that was quick I was thinking about 5k's... but you snooze you lose. I don't really need them but an unfull rack kind of bothers me...
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