SOLD Majestic Star High Denom Cash Set - Splits Available (600 pc) (1 Viewer)

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Aug 20, 2015
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For sale is a great set from Jim’s Majestic Star sale. Been in play one time since purchasing. The $100s are one of my favorite chips ever made.

103 x $25 for $50 - PENDING
300 x $100 for $200/rack
200 x $500 for $225/rack - SOLD
60 x $1000 for $140/barrel - x20 PENDING
20 x $5000 for $300/barrel - SOLD

I went with all 10th anniversary $25s since the condition was much better than the normal $25s. The $100s have some excellent condition chips mixed in. I pulled the best chip of the lot and it’s in a protector, which the I’ll leave in there for the buyer.

Price is $1750 plus shipping. Racks can be included if buyer chooses.

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I’d take the $5k barrel if split.

Have up to a rack of 1k if someone takes the whole set and wants to trade for the $5k / add on
Rack/barrel prices:

103 x $25 for $50
300 x $100 for $200/rack
200 x $500 for $225/rack
60 x $1000 for $140/barrel
20 x $5000 for $300/barrel

Volume discounts can be discussed, please reach out.
Forgot to take that part out of the OP, all splits are available and will sell off in parts. They’re yours if you want them, send me a PM.
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