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Aug 17, 2016
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Unfortunately my game has outgrown this set so it’s time to find another home. I also want to use the funds to help go towards a custom Tina set.

Shipped to the USA for USD 600 550. Track and trace included but insurance extra.

Happy to ship to other countries but will have to confirm shipping. Would imagine it wouldn’t be much different though. I have shipped multiple packages overseas so can ensure it is bomb proof.

All risk lies with the buyer once it is at the post office.

This is the perfect one table tournament set using @BGinGA ’s breakdown here ->

120 x T25
120 x T100
50 x T500
75 x T1000 (includes 15x for T25 and t100 color-ups)
35 x T5000 (includes 5x for T500 color-ups, plus 30 extras to be used for stacks > 10K and re-buys/add-ons)
400 chips

All chips in very good condition with sharp edges and clear hot stamps. Probably felted 6-7 times before we moved to two tables of cash only.

Will ship in original CPC boxes.

Happy to answer any further questions or take more photos.

Help your favourite son from downunder get his custom set!

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These are amazing chips. I have a set, and my regulars love them. Really great price - somebody should grab these up. If it wasn't for the issue of a color difference in my 5K and 1K chips from this set, I'd be all over it. GLWS
Agreed. I don't own a set of them, but I've always wanted them. Unfortunately for me it's not in the cards right now, but who ever snags these is going to love them. Plus, the breakdown is perfect. Sorry I can't purchase myself - would be awesome to have. After I type this I'm going to find my sample set and shuffle them.
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Got bored of the bump gifs so doing a poker one tonight!

I’ll throw in a sweetener, if you buy these chips you can crash at my place if you ever travel to New Zealand!
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