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Sep 16, 2022
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TLDR: Choose 4 random golfers
here. No golf knowledge required. It will ask for your name for our leaderboard. Post that name in this thread so we know who is who. The prize pool is 91 chips. Winner takes all.

Read our Masters thread for some background and this overview for season and scoring details. The US Open starts Thursday, June 13 and entry will close early that morning.

When you're entering, you'll also see a checkbox to enter your picks into their main pool. This is NOT required for this giveaway. But there's probably no reason to leave the box unchecked. It's free and that pool has cash prizes. @JDPoker won $10 for his Masters entry and @jbriod won $10 for his PGA entry.

The Prizes

The pot is pictured above. A former winner generously added a bunch of his own chips to the pot, so this is by far our biggest pot yet.

Winner takes all. Shipping is covered to the US. International chippers can enter, but will have to pay actual shipping less $5 if they win.

I previously offered free shipping on a future purchase to anyone who beat me. That proved to be more expensive than planned last month, since a ton of people beat me. Those prizes are still valid, but from here on, I'm shifting that offer to the *season* leaderboard. Anyone who beats me there (I'm Daniel B) will now get free shipping ($15 max savings) the next time they buy anything from me. Max one credit per person for the season.

The Final Table (Playoffs)

There are four major golf tournaments each season. The winner of each one will automatically receive one of 10 seats at our final table. The remaining seats will be awarded to those at the top of our season leaderboard.

Those 10 playoff competitors will choose golfers and compete during 3 more golf tournaments to determine our champion. I'll share more details about this playoff process when the time comes.

Thank you for considering this. Please ENTER HERE and don't forget to post your leaderboard name below.


  1. @4SUMERZ (Paul)
  2. @brewdawg (Brett)
  3. @ChipMonster (Max)
  4. @dpeks13 (Dave)
  5. @Franzister (Christopher)
  6. @jbriod (John)
  7. @JDPoker (JDGolf)
  8. @libbylord (Joshua)
  9. @Phoe9x (Alexander)
  10. @Pinesol13 (Pine)
  11. @TheB00T (The B00T)
  12. @TheLemursReturn (Daniel)
  13. @Tony_M (Tony)
  14. @tooth_doc (Charlie)
  15. @TX_Golf_N_Poker (David)
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Re-entered, I’m gonna get ‘em this time!
I can't believe Scottie made the cut. I thought my team was doomed, in spite of being in 5th place.
Should be a close finish, both on the course and in this pool. DeChambeau was firing at all cylinders today. I'm not sure if it was him or Shipley that was more aggressive on the approach shots to the greens. That course will be greasy with tougher pi placements on Sunday.

Good Luck all
@libbylord TAKES IT DOWN

GG everyone. Please don't look at last place.

Every single one of my golfers was above par for every single round they played.......
Congrats to @libbylord on a fantastic win.
It was fun watching the US Open while watching the Scramble closely.
Thanks to @TheLemursReturn for running this type of pool. It's the most fun of any that I play for golf.

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