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3 of a Kind
Feb 9, 2020
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Ostfriesland, Niedersachsen, Germany
Just wanted to ask for an easy way to clean my chips without damaging them.
I've got some Jack's that have seen some use, so they'd need to be cleaned and I've also got some live Bellagio Chips to fill my set, because I didn't get any 1s for the Jack's.
Those haven't been cleaned in a while and actually look pretty nasty, but I don't want to rip the labels of or anything so what's the best way.

Also trying to get my 10 Posts out there so I can finally start posting.
Greetings from Germany Jack
A teaspoon of lundmark tsp In a bowl of warm water, soft toothbrush, and 2nd bowl of cool water for rinsing. Toss 20 chips in the tsp bowl, lightly scrub each and dip in rinse bucket. Lay to dry. Easy breezy.

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