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Jan 1, 2017
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County Monaghan
Hi everyone,

I came across these cards recently and thought they might have some type of meaning to them as I found them all the way over here in Ireland. They seem to have suffered some water damage.

They are from Circus Circus on Reno, and as per the sticker, were in play at some stage or another.

I'd love to know everyone's thoughts on them, if I may.

Are they special? Are they worth something? Should I chuck them in the home game pile?


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I have a couple Bee decks that match my casino chip set; one well-used, one unopened.
I also have a couple sealed/unopened Aristocrat decks from Aliante Hotel Casino Spa.
I don't really plan to use those either.
That all being said, we're a bit siloed on this forum.
Normal card players who've never heard of the PCF would be pretty happy with that deck.
You could also find a buyer in the classifieds who's simply a casino collector.
Finally, anyone who has a Circus Circus Reno set at home would likely find a little happiness having the deck sit beside their chips.
I wouldn't call them worthless - But I wouldn't hold on to them if you're looking to score a buck.

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