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Nov 6, 2014
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Our first league event is tomorrow. I chose the minimum starting stack. I'm seat 8 at the blue table. This is a points league. Rebuys have a negative effect. The bigger the rebuy, the more it affects you.

I thought I would try a min buy in and play TAG. I do have the option of changing my starting stack before the tourney begins.

thoughts? what would you do?

Thanks in advance.


Event 1 will be held on May 23 at 7:00 PM on Norborne. Please let me know if you need an address and/or directions. It will be a T100k NLHE "Pick-a-stack" with rebuy. Buyin will depend on the starting stack you choose.

· $30 for a starting stack of T75,000

· $40 for a starting stack of $100,000

· $50 for a starting stack of $125,000

· $60 for a starting stack of $150,000

You will be required to rebuy at the same level of your starting stack. So if you choose a $75,000/$30 short stack from the beginning, you will be rebuying at $30 for another T75,000 stack. Likewise, if you choose the $60 big stack to start, your rebuy must be at the $60 level.

The same points formula that is in place for other FNCPT events will be used, however, "buyin amount" will be the average of all buyins from all players, so the variables won't be known until play begins and all buyin amounts are finalized. This is the same way the formula was handled last year.

We have 19 players who reserved seats. If a third sub confirms, s/he will be seated in the BB at the blue table. Seats were randomly assigned as follows:

Seat Red Table

1 Chris B. ($40)

2 Marc H. ($50)

3 Sean O. ($40)

4 Tom W. ($30) - Sub

5 Kevin A. ($50)

6 Fran D. ($50)

7 Mike M. ($60)

8 Lolly O. ($50)

9 Erik M. ($50) - Sub

10 Jason Tr. ($60)

Seat Blue Table

1 Angie S. ($40)

2 Jason Ta. ($60)

3 Sub #3

4 Anita G. ($40)

5 Keith K. ($30)

6 Nick G. ($40)

7 Eric W. ($30)

8 Bill B. ($30)

9 Jim O. ($50)

10 Chris S. ($60)

500/1k 20 minutes
1k/2k 20
1500/3k 20
2k/4k 20


2k/4k 500 ante 30 minutes (rest of the tourney is 30 minute levels)
3k/6k 500
5k/10k 1k


7k/15k 2k
10/20 3
15/30 5

20/40 k
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Any idea where the big blind starts? That will help us figure out how big the actual stack sizes are. Much bigger difference going from 50 BB to 100 BB than from 300 to 600
This is a 1 re buy event. The rebuy's used to end after level 4. Now you can re buy until the final table is formed.

I am leaning towards changing it to the 60k level with a TAG playing style.
75k is gonna be super tight after the blinds double in 20 minutes. Play tight, sit on a bigger stack until you have cards and the short stacks are feeling the squeeze. Once you have a made hand, you should have an easier time getting the chips in the pot.
The FNCPT uses Dr. Neau's formula?

If so, I'd start with as big a stack as possible. The least likely you need to rebuy the smaller the chance you will be punished in points. Bigger startingstack is ++EV.

Agree 100%...

I've been using Dr. Neau's formula for the past few years myself and I love it... I modified it slightly to change the slope of the points curve slightly but I'm a big fan...
With that blind structure, I'd definitely buy in for the max.

With T500 chips in play, I'm surprised there is no 1500/3000 level.
ah, doh. Might consider adding a 500/1500 or 1000/1000 level after L1 to lessen the impact of slashing the starting stacks in half after 20 minutes.
Good luck! Post as you go and we'll sweat it with you!
20 player's, finished 11th when the villain rivered a flush vs my two pair
Too bad you didn't finish in the money, Maybe had something to do with happy hour? ;)

Did you have to rebuy by the way (or did any of those who bought in for less)?
No revues for me. Yes, several shorter stack buy in player's did rebuy short

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