CDI 98 $500 denom shaped inlay and glow in the dark stamp on inlays (2 Viewers)


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May 21, 2023
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I have some CDI ‘98 THC $500 chips with shaped inlays. Looks similar to Pyramid $500s.

My question is, are these a variation of CDI or a relabel? And if it’s a variation, why were there different shaped inlays from the standard circle for these?

They are real and are a variation of the round inlay version. Paulson made shaped inlay variations for the $5/$25/$100/$500 denominations. Also recently discovered were 43mm 1ks. As to why, no idea.

They are rarer than the normal round inlays for those chips. Here is a pic of them from a giveaway I did.

They are a variation of the original. As far as why they were made, who knows?

There are shaped inlay version for the $5, the $25, the $100, and the $500, but none for the $0.50, the $1, or the $1000.

The shapes, when they appear, follow general conventions for denominations: hub $5, scallop $25, cog $100, and hexagon $500. By far the rarest among these is the $5. The others pop up with roughly equal frequency.
This isn’t related to shaped inlays but I was playing around with my blacklight and noticed that on the inlays there are Paulson and THC watermarks that glow which I thought were pretty cool.

Do all Paulsons have those Watermarks?

Most of my Paulsons don’t have them. I see them on some of the casino used chips in my singles collection. But I didn’t think they would have them in the Fantasy lines. My other CDI don’t have these marks, just the $100s. Bonus feature .

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