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Thank you for your reply.

I thought each of the larger quantity lots had photos of the chips all spread out, like this:

But looking just now, I see this is not the case. Because in seeing the very first lot, they did not properly display them out to reflect all of them:

I will speak with my photography department to see if they can take additional photos of the larger lots. We should be able to get these updated by early next week.

If you have questions on particular lots or need more info, you are always welcome to call the gallery and they can quickly assist.

Kind Regards,
My photography department has taken additional photos of the group lots where you were unable to see all of the chips. The photos are attached to the lot listings. You should now be able to see all of the chips in each lot. Please let me know if you come across any lots where this is not the case.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
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About Bidding ~

Pre-Bids: You are able to leave pre-bids / absentee bids ahead of the Live Web-Cast Auction. This is very useful if you will not be available during the live online auction. We recommend leaving your highest and best bid. All pre-bids will be executed and controlled by the online bidding software. Absentee bids are executed automatically by the software to the increment necessary to win the lot. For Example: if you leave an absentee bid of $3000 on a lot, but in the course of competitive bidding, the lot requires a bid of only $2000 to win, you will win the lot at $2000. We stress, it is important to leave your highest and best bid when leaving absentee bids. Following each auction, we consistently hear from buyers who lose out and wish they had been more aggressive with their absentee bids - please don't let this be you.

Live Online (During the Live Auction Web-Cast event): Take a moment to register ahead of the auction. Registration takes only a few moments and doing so ahead of the auction allows you to quickly login and bid at the start of the Live Auction Web-Cast. Please also make certain you set a reminder for the start of the auction. At the scheduled start of the auction, make certain you are logged in to your bidder account and then visit the online catalog. Once on the online catalog, select the large red banner at the top of the online catalog "Enter Live Auction Webcast". This will take you to the Live Web-Cast bidding page where you will be able to bid live. When bidding live, please do not hesitate in hitting the Bid Button. The sale moves quickly, so please bid quickly. Hesitation in executing your bid may cause you to miss out on winning the lot.

You can learn more about the bidding process here:
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Best of luck in the auction.

Please contact us with any questions.

~ Omnia Auctions



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Okay, whoever gets lot#52059, I would like to purchase the oceanside card club chips from you.
Wow, can't wait to see what people bought (@ReallyGoodUsername, show us the goods!!).

Some of the prices got a little nutty, it looks like. $96 for a Pick Hobson frac (just a single chip?).
I might have a rack of those on the market, at that price. Good lord. Singles prices are just so crazy.

Some great chips in that sale though. Congrats to whomever scored the BLURPLE!!!!!!

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