Can someone give me an idea of what these are/value? (1 Viewer)

Feb 14, 2024
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I got these in a Craigslist deal yeeears ago and I’m just confused what I have. I feel like there’s multiple version of the dunes and I’m confused where these stand. I have like 800 of these chips between .25, $1, and $5’s. I’m just looking for any incite because I have my eyes on other chips and have zero clue of what I have in this set. Any info will help.
Not much…relatively speaking.

But they are neat.

*edit…I’m not a “detailed” informant. Other people might “wax lyrical” on the subject.
From the look of them, you have the plastic version as opposed to the china clay version.

Not worth even trying to sell if that’s the case
These look like plastic "tribute" chips. I had a tournament set of these that I bought 15 years ago. They're fun and have a nice look and are an upgrade over dice chips, but they aren't really valuable. They aren't bad chips, but no one is really going to be looking to spend much on these.
Yea I assumed they weren’t expensive, just wasn’t sure what exactly they were. Appreciate all the incite all, thank you!
I feel like there have been at least three sets of commemorative Dunes produced - maybe 1 china clay and two different plastics?
I used to have a set of these all the way up to 25k from 20+ years ago. Gave the whole set away for free.
I had a set too and sold them. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't know much about chips and will buy them for their look. You could probably get 15 to 25 cents a chip so $120-$200.
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