SOLD Camino Casino Sacramento California Card Room $1 x 1000 (1 Viewer)

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Nov 29, 2021
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Fresh from Lockdown and released into PCF General Population.....

Camino Casino Card Room in Sacramento California. $1 chips.
Face to Face near S.E. Michigan or within a reasonable distance is my first preference. See map below for details.
If not FTF then obviously shipped. I'm a fan of UPS, however If you prefer FedEx, I can ship with them also. Shipping costs will be actual costs.
Shipping will be Insured with Signature Confirmation *ONLY*
Payment via Cash FTF, or PP F&F / Venmo if shipped.
*EDIT* PP Non-FF payment works, but you pay the fees. (3% is it?)

$2000 + the ride. No trades.
This price will include the carrier, shipped separate, however the carriers (as shown by this one) is a little beat up. The corners are notorious for breaking in shipping.
I'll reverse pack it, foam, bubble wrap, etc. to the best of my ability, but am not considering this part of the sale or guaranteeing its condition on arrival.

The chips show their age as they all do of this vintage. No, they don't stand on edge. Yes the THC is clear and clean. None cracked, broken, etc. All well played, and in pictured condition. Shoot a message for questions, and or your PM number and I'm happy to ring or text more pics, questions, etc. Whatever is easier. Or post here for add'l details. I'll subscribe to the thread with email alerts and will do my best to answer any questions/posts as quickly as I can.

My preference is to sell these as a complete set of 1000 chips so I'll take that route first before offering them in smaller quantities.

Lastly: $25 of the sale will be donated to the PCF Beer and Bandwidth fund. I believe in good juju and what goes around comes around. I got out of the poker scene and forum/table building, etc. and got busy with other parts of life. I was surprised to find after a decade that a lot of what I knew way back when has completely changed, and in some cases simple vanished. So hattip to the crew here, and my thanks for allowing me to peddle my wares to find a new home where these chips ill be appreciated and used. They've been sitting on the shelf for the last decade unused in my place. Please, give them a new home!

I'm a low post count on PCF but have no fear, I'm entertaining to say the least:
Did an Intro here also.

I think that covers it... now for the pr0n....








I'll meet you anywhere in the shaded area half way from my house. This is roughly a 4 hour drive map, so I'm happy to meet somewhere in the middle.

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Sorry (eh?) Exclude Canada from my potential meet FTF locations / drive distance.
Caminos are great. Love my set but can’t justify adding more $1…need 2 more racks of $5! These will clean up real nice :tup:

These will be fresh as cherries bright blue with orange 38mm on the way !! Lol be awesome chips
Ironically - my first thought when I saw the ad was to scoop them up and send them to Danny for a touch-up. I guess this is better - I'll wait until they hit the market again.
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