Boneyard (CPC B-mold, cash set) (1 Viewer)

I've been away for more than a year and came back today of all days?!?!?

Maybe your new set was sending me good vibes, @liftapint ? ;)

Absolutely gorgeous set, Mel! Instant classic in my book. Superbly conceptualized and done. Already among my best ever. Hopefully I'll get to play with it one of those days...

And thanks for the Bubbs shout-out. :love:
That is an awesome set. I am working on my custom set using the B-mold as well (For Brewdawg, Brett, Best...whatever you want to fit in there). This just tells me I need to get busy and get the inlay completed. And start playing with chip colors.
Yes! Beautiful set! Love everything about them! My wife loves them too and might be her favourite set of chips she has seen. Although she might be a little bias as she is a dog lover whole heartily. Set of the year so far imho!

Here is our Bestest Boy Arlo. An honorary groomsmen at our wedding.

If I can ask, how long was the whole ordering process, from when you placed the order, till the mold came up in the rotation?
If I can ask, how long was the whole ordering process, from when you placed the order, till the mold came up in the rotation?
I don’t really remember, honestly. It really depends on how many other orders there are on that mold, and when the mold goes in the rotation. It seems like I kept tinkering with the colors, until B-mold orders HAD to be in to make the next run. haha. But it seems like it's closer to a year, than it is to 6-months.
@brewdawg If your interested in the jockey mold, I just asked David last week about adding onto @liftapint Silver Saddle set and the cutoff is middle of September. Which means it will probably run in about 4 months or so. And then it will be at least a year before it runs again. So, it will depend on which mold you want to use.
As talented as everyone is I’m surprised CPC doesn’t offer some of the creations from PCF members.

I understand some/most/all wouldn’t release the creative artwork but maybe at a small royalty nonetheless it would give exposure to some great chips on a site/business you support.
These are awesome. The way I found them wasn't. Was looking on Alibaba at chips. They freaking steal everything. As soon as I saw the chip I knew it was a CPC. I'm sure they don't have them. They're just using the picturesView attachment 1209729
Oh that's fuckkkkkked
Mel, congratulations for pulling the trigger on creating a custom CPC. It’s really something special to know that there is a very personal aspect behind such a set and it’s way more important to have this feeling instead of just buying a set. Nobody can ever take away that feeling and it’s well worth the long time of waiting until the box arrives.

It’s a great looking set and I am very proud to have a single of these! Amd by the way, as I opened the box with the TRK that you send me, well, the TRK have been awesome, but in the moment I saw your Boneyard chip I just had to smile :love:

Enjoy this set :):tup: and yes: B-Mold is an outstanding mold - its always depending on personal taste, but in the end the mold is not worn out at all and the feel of these chips is amazing!!! Great choice!
Congrats! on making the HoF Mel!!! These chips are so HOT!

Have you posted the official colors anywhere? Pretty sure I know what you used, but I would like to see it to be sure.

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