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BJ vs Paulson ..

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Dec 5, 2013
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Deutschland, Köln.
what do you think is more expensive? Bud Jons chips or Paulson chips?
1 production costs ..
2 average cost .. for example, BJ $ 100 vs Paulson $ 100
I want to understand that exclusively for you?
I had a few BJ (coin)... they can impress .....
then only ASM ... classic...
very, very recently Paulson ...
Maybe it's time to get back to basics? Just do not say, Paulson - is clay, and BJ - it's plastic ... they almost all plastic ...
You ask why I think so? I will not answer now, a little later ...
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I only played with BJ chips at the Borgota in AC. I would not mind having a small set of them. I like both. :)
I'm a Paulson man myself. I don't know what it is, but I just don't have much love for the BJ's. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my Pop's had a set of Paulsons that I grew up with ....
The bud jones have more vibrant colors and do not need to be broken in.

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