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Nov 13, 2014
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france lile
GB : interest in PNY decks?

Gauging interest in making PNY decks

after taking info it seems possible to make PNY card decks
i propose to make the back casino style and personalized the ace of spade
personaly i prefer plastic coated for playing

the minimum quantity is 500 deck / order in 100% plastic
personalisation is possible since 100 decks

for an order of 500 decks
if we take 100% plastics cards we are under 5$ a deck

it would be made by palm import
there website is

i haven't try them before but i have heard some great tings about them

this is the exchenge i had with them so far :

me :
New submission on Name: dedryver
Last Name: julien
Subject: custum cards

Question: hi
i study the possibility of a group buy for custum cards decks i think about gemaco superflex or coated paper (paulson or bee 92)
of the president new yorker casino a lot of people can be interested by thoses the only cutumisation will be the back of the cards casino style and eventually the ace of spades
could you send to me the tarification for that with the quantities options


them :
shouldn't be a problem- our min order for 100 per cent plastic cards is 500 decks- your cost would be 4.20 per deck custom printed plus shipping from japan where these would be printed


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the thing is if the gb is made it would be better if someone in US make it since about 80% of the decks will nbe to dispatch there and i will centralise the decks for france or even europe
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i have updated my post with the information this is what i have right now
personnaly i prefer plastic coated like hard rock style for playing instead of 100% plastic since i think they will be KEM or copag

Playing Cards

Palm Gaming International now offers customized playing cards- in a variety of options… in addition to being a distributor for Copag Play Cards of Brazil
We can manufacture either plastic coated paper OR 100 per cent plastic. For the best pricing orders of 500+ decks are recommended, although we can do custom cards for as few as 100 decks.
1000+ deck orders offer the lowest pricing available anywhere in the world.
Our cards are used by many casinos throughout the USA and South America and compare well to Copaq or KEM in terms of wearability- and durability.

PGI is also a distributor for Copag playing cards and offers the lowest wholesale pricing in the industry for both end users- and resellers.

if you have questions ask them here i will send another email next week to have more information
i would be interested in 10-20 decks, depending on quality. i don't have much experience with cards, so i'll defer the quality issue to others on this site.

-gc :)
These are custom? Anyone have any input on their quality? I could potentially be interested.
These are custom? Anyone have any input on their quality? I could potentially be interested.

Dunno what PGI is producing lately, but I bought a bunch of poker-sized decks that they manufactured for a Florida casino that canceled. Lots of minor card back defects (that would allow for identifying cards).

After sorting/combining them all, I think I ended up with three good decks and seven I couldn't (or wouldn't) use. Card stock is okay for plastic cards, not premium but not Royal sub-par quality, either. Problem was with printing artifacts on the card backs (minor random white spots).
I'd be in for some, want to see how this falls together, at least two, but probably more to help with mins
i have for the moment ask for sample of plastic and plastic coated by mail i waiting for answer

the only thing i know is that now they are printed in japan they have apparently changed the printers
this is why i waiting for the sample
me personnaly i prefer plastic coated

concerning the design i have make nothing it will be open for designers of the forum
yes ka i will need to make the design but i want to wait until i have my answers from PGI but people who want to create design and put them here are more than welcome
and they will be add to the design contest if the gb can be made
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