SOLD Benefit auction #4: Three Putt Poker sample set, tourney chips!!! , 6 chips (ends 7/12)

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May 29, 2013
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One of our own PCF members could use a helping hand. As I'm sure some of you have seen, @MoscowRadio has recently been in a hit-and-run accident, hit by a car while he was riding his bike. He spent some time in the hospital following his accident, and the cumulative effects of this with medical expenses and missed work at a new job have put him in a scary financial situation. For more information on what is going on with him, please see this post: MORE INFO

To help him out a little, I would like to donate a few items for auction. He's a really good guy, and a bad thing happened to him! Please bid generously on this and my other benefit auctions (all will be either 24-hour or 48 hour auctions, haha), and 100% of the final bidding price will go directly to @MoscowRadio. I will even pay for shipping worldwide!!

If you want to lend a helping hand outside of the efforts of this auction, you can provide a donation directly to @MoscowRadio, to help him get back on his feet. If you want to do this, please PM me directly and I can get you his paypal account. Any little bit would help in his situation!

I know we are all grown-ass adults (well, most of us are anyway), with our own problems real-world problems (lord knows, I have a pretty big one of my own going on right now too). But it really feels good to help out someone who really needs it. Here is a chance, and I'm taking it.


Auction Item #4....

A Three Putt Poker tourney sample set (6 chips).

My intention was to build a set of these chips, one sample set at a time (mostly kidding). But sample sets don't appear for sale often enough. It was going to take far too long. So I'm giving up the dream. @links_slayer, I love these chips.


  1. STARTING BID: [ $ 25 ]
  2. Bids must be placed using numbers (no images), in whole dollars, and in minimum increments of [ $ 1 ]
  3. NO RESERVE. The Starting Bid of this auction will be treated as the Reserve Price.
  4. All bids are to be placed openly in this thread. No bids via PM/Conversation.
  5. No bid edits or bid retractions permitted. (note: ALL edits are logged instantly)
  6. Auction will use the '5 minutes after last closing bid rule'. Highest bid at [ 6pm, Pacific (9pm Eastern), TOMORROW, Friday July 12th ] will win unless there is a bid within 5 minutes of closing time - then the closing time will be within 5 minutes after the latest bid was posted. A bid at the close time is NOT a valid bid. Since seconds are not displayed on post timestamps, these examples will be used as a reference.
  7. I reserve the right to: 1) cancel the auction if no bids have been made; 2) edit the listing to correct errors or clarify rules as needed.
  8. PCF (its Owner, Admins, and Moderators) are in no way responsible for any actions in this auction.
  9. Shipping Terms: [ I will pay shipping world wide -- this is a benefit, YO! ]
  10. Payment Terms: [ Paypal friends and family, directly to @MoscowRadio ]

Help our chipping brother out.
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