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Mar 23, 2013
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I stopped at the local beer store to pick up some Heineken yesterday. I always buy bottles as cans taste different to me. Anyway, they had a 24 pack of cans for $18.99. That is the same price for a 12 pak of bottles. LOL After 2-3 beers, I could not taste the difference anymore. :cool: There is no sales tax in Delaware so beer prices tend be a little higher.

What does your beer normally cost?
Cans or bottles?

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Depends on the brand, but the "premium" brands in Ontario are between $37 -$46 for 24 + 2.40 deposit (bottles only...refundable on return) + tax. Cans generally are more expensive than bottles. has the prices.
I don't pay attention to prices because I don't drink that much beer. If I have a craving for something in particular (Capital Maibock and Leinie's Octoberfest come to mind) I'll buy a 6-pack regardless of the price.
I always laugh when someone tells me Heineken is a "premium" beer. In the Netherlands, it is the quality equivalent of Labatt's Blue, or Michelob in the USA. What pisses me off is the "MINIMUM" price that our government mandates for all alcohol in this province.
My fave of the "small" brewers is Big Rock. I have literally NEVER had a beer that I did not like from them.
Hmmm...the description of the Big Rock Traditional Ale sounds like a typical English Bitter. Yum. I'll pick some up this week. Thanks for the tip!
No problem . . . you will love it. Nice, dark amber colour, rich full bodied taste. Not a guzzling beer . . .

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