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Not Mine BCC T mold set (1 Viewer)

HAHA was just about to post taht
It looks like someone got into a closet at The Chip Room with all those chips on the side.
If you could get the company to custom label those blanks with big inlays like Mardi Gras v2 YUMMY
Have to mill them to label them...just FYI to anyone thinking about these. No recess on the T-mold.
Funny that it's a set of 600 + some random barrels and samples. Priced a little high, probably have better luck selling all the random chips in another auction.
Anyone ever try to send them to BlueChip and have them put on big custom inlays like some of the chips?
Or like a speakeasy smaller inlay? Im sure they would probably ignore you.
Blue Chip Co. Is long gone -- all assets purchased by GPI years ago.

And you can't add an inlay to a finished chip.
They do hot stamp wonderfully.

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