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Nov 5, 2014
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I haven't used these for a long long time so i'm gonna put on sale. 708 chips + Dealer button. All chips have sharp edges, about 20 of them have some minor spinners.

$25: 214 chips
$100: 214 chips
$500: 175 chips (140 primaries + 35 secondaries)
$1000: 85 chips
$5000: 20 chips

Price is 650€ or 725$ (Shipment not included). I will give preference for European buyers.


Those are sweet! GL with the sale.
I like these and love the 8V hundos but I've got other chips in my cross-hairs right now. Good luck!

Yeah IMHO that hundo color combo is a straight out winner. There are a bunch of sets with the same color combo and it always grabs my attention (as I stare at my favorite CC Pharaoh chip).

Damnit....if I knew I was going to be a chip junky I would have stayed in school or picked richer parents while still in the guff.:(
Enjoy those chips. If the day comes you want to sell them please ask me first.:D
Unfortunately there seems to be someone in line prior to me who I have to wait for a decision from before knowing whether these are mine or not. I hope they decide to not buy these chips so I can bring them back across the pond. I'm ready to pay now and start the moving process.
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