For Sale BCC Fun Nite tournament set and Par A Dice racks. (1 Viewer)

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Nov 6, 2014
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BCC Fun Nite tournament set price reduction!!

BPT New Year Sale – AKA ‘The Purge’
Time to clean up for the new year – there are some really great chips in this lot and I hope they find happy homes from the faithful here. All listed prices include domestic shipping to the U.S. – international shipping will be actual price and I’ll list how much you get to subtract according to what I estimate it’s going to cost me to ship to the continental US buyers.
1330 – BCC Sun Mold ‘Fun Nite’ solid chip Tournament Set – A great tournament set with chips ranging from the rare Blood Red T5’s all the way to the very rare Canary yellow T5,000 chips. On the casino only Sun Mold which makes them even more desirable in my opinion than regular flame mold chips –
100 – Blood Red T5(only 3 racks total manufactured), 295 – Green T25, 385 – Black T100, 215 – Purple T500, 185 – Blaze Orange T1000, 150 – Canary Yellow T5000(two colors of Canary on the T5000’s)
Priced at less than .65 per chip shipped to Continental US if you buy the whole set – will only break up if the whole set is sold and individuals pay all shipping costs with Red and Canary chips going for .80 each if broken up – Total Set Price: $795.00 shipped to continental U.S. I pay first $20 shipping to international buyers. Chips played 5 times max, edges sharp as razors, some oiled & some chips still chalky and mint. Guaranteed great set at this price point.



200 – Par A Dice Peoria $500 chips – 8V spots Purple/Blue with metal flaking in the spots - $145 per rack shipped to continental U.S. pay first $5 for international buyers shipping.
Both racks sold!!
320 – Par A Dice Peoria $25 chips – Green 4D14 Yellow/Tan? – Again we all know what these look like – recently sold for $25 per hundred in Jim’s Chiproom Black Friday sale – Mine are all cleaned and will sell the whole lot for $90 shipped to continental U.S. Pay first $5 international Shipping.



Come and Get ‘Em!!
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Never mind on being in for a rack; I'd be in for 20. Looks like you won't have any problem selling a full rack though.
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