SOLD Price Drop - BCC Fun Nite Tournament Set w/ 2 racks of 5's (1 Viewer)

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Sep 1, 2017
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Up for sale would be my BCC Fun Nite tournament set.

Excellent condition, all chips have been previously washed and have not been put in play.

I've finally come to accept that my pre covid poker group will not get back to what it once was and I no longer have a need for a larger tournament set.

These chips come with a cool bit of history, and included are two racks of the rare 5's.

The breakdown is:

T5 x 200
T25 x 200
T100 x 200
T500 x 100
T1000 x 100
T5000 x 80


$1800 $1600 $1500 + shipping PPFF, if located in Southern California I can deliver and also offer a Pelican 1495 Case w/ racks for $2000 $1800 $1700

Thanks so much for looking.

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Have a potential offer to split

If anyone is interested in just the 5's please let me know!
Short version - these chips were from a failed group buy where the group was supposed to be getting Paulson Fun Nite chips but got bcc chips instead. The organizer then had to deal with the chips to get rid of them. They are however great chips on the Sun mold that was supposedly only used for casino orders so are rare for this fact as well.
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