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Nov 27, 2014
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Way past time to clear out some unused chippies

Location: Adelaide, Australia
Pickup available or postage at cost (Aust only at this stage)

Paulson - 105 x Eldorado $5 hotstamps (hotstamp gone and heavily worn, cleaned) - $A50 - 1 has writing on it, I wont charge extra for such a unique chip :)

Paulson - 100 x Roys Club $1 hotstamps (hotstamps gone and most very worn, cleaned) - $A50

Oversize Paulson Winners Club - Excellent condition, ive never used them - $A160 (These things are monsters!)
63 x 5000
23 x 10000

TMSC - $A200 - These are the large diameter T-molds, awesome feeling chip.
15 x DK Green $25 hotstamp - mint unoiled
100 x Red $5 hotstamp - mint unoiled
110 x Spearmint Green Cherry hotstamp - mint unoiled
18 x Spearmint Green HPC promo hotstamp - Stamps asst quality, chips shuffled and broken in
5 x Orange Cherry hotstamp - mint unoiled
10 x Lavender Ankh hotstamp - used once as bounty tokens

Will consider trades for currency, gold bullion or a brand new Audi/BMW :)
If it ever gets to the point where you are willing to split AND open to International, I would love a shot at the "Spearmint Green" TMSCs.
Thanks for your interest but i woukd like to sell domestically if possible as international freight is very expensive.
interested by the ankh for bounty to my pharaoh set tell me ow much in mp to send them to france no need internatioinal priority simple letter without insurance should do it
Wow, never seen most of these. Those TMSC $25 greens look incredible. I'd be keen except currently trying to source another set and already run out of money haha. GL
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