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Jun 18, 2016
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I bought these chips from different sellers on the sec. market. My goal was to reduce the quantity to what is really needed for a single table T25-base set for T10k/T20k stacks (12/12/5/6/x). Check:

Finally I bought 5 more 1k's and 5k's plus 10 x 25k's because I loved the colors and mostly it was impossible to get the exact quantity I was looking for.
Color's really pop in person. However I am too stupid to upload these correctly. I can send more pictures in better resolution by mail if needed.

  • 120 x 25
  • 120 x 100
  • 50 x 500
  • 80 x 1k (20 for color-ups)
  • 50 x 5k (5-10 for color-ups and 20 for rebuys)
  • 10 x 25k add on because I love them - potential additional rebuys
Price: 3.699$ + shipping



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Looks like everything is spoken for despite the 1k‘s and 5k‘s, which are awesome.
Still hope to sell them as a set to somebody who keeps them as a set. We‘ll see…
I think this is a great idea, if you can just send me a small, one-time fee of $3,698… I’ll cover the balance and shipping!
How did i not think of that
this has been my favorite tournament set for a long time… they are so clean. My chip buying days are over tho lol
I know this sounds crazy but I'm actually set with my ASTs now. I would still be looking to pick up a barrel here or there for back ups but shipping probably makes this not worthwhile for me at the moment. Thanks @Ainton for hepping me to this (keep tagging me in future because who knows, maybe I'll want to go for three tables worth).

@5aces GLWS. Keep drinking that Altbier.
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