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Apr 28, 2020
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Schongau, Germany
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The sample set consists of 6 chips on the Hourglass mold (the chips were produced by ASM about ten years ago, but have not seen much play and are in excellent condition):

5 - mandarin red
25 - Imperial Blue
100 - DG pink
500 - DG green
1000 - DG yellow
5000 - DG Arc Yellow


The colors of this chips are absolutely stunning with a great black inlay design.

Costs for the sample set would be 15,00$ plus shipping.

Regarding shipping: I have to ship from Germany, so shipping costs for a padded envelope would be another 8$.

Maybe somebody would volunteer to arrange shipping of the sample sets within the US to reduce shipping price/way for each sample set (I would send all the sets to him/her - and he/her receives 1-2 sets for free as a compensation). Otherwise set price including shipping would be 25,00$.

I have 15 full sample sets available - Payment via Paypal for friends!
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If we have multiples interested in sets shipping to the US I would be willing to do us reship and take a sample set
@FordPickup92 - that would be great ... I guess domestic shipment within US would save some $ for everyone

I suggest to wait some more days and then i'll make a list (if everyone is fine with that)
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