SOLD Aria Cards Mold 500 chip Tournament set - 39mm - SOLD (3 Viewers)

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thanks everyone :tup:
and Congrats again @ChipRocker !

Apparently I was/am being, shall I say, referenced elsewhere regarding this thread.
May have not been the smoothest listing, but this was a spur of the moment sale and my preference was to get someone an upgrade / decent chips at a reduced price.
It wasn't my intent to offend and maybe I should have PM'd a certain individual about my perception (based on their history and posts) instead of replying in the thread.
Although I don't agree with the reaction (and I am fairly certain they don't agree with mine), I try to see their point of view.
For the record, the sale price is about 1/2 of what the chips cost me.
I bought the majority from Tommy (owner of PCF) and the rest from an ARIA add on Group buy.
@softchewy You have absolutely no need to explain your actions, because you had nothing but good intent with this post, and you made someone’s day and we all had some fun with it, except one person who has some very clear issues to work out with himself and how he talks to other people, whether he sees that or not.

Good on you for being the adult in the room and acting with respect and dignity and not devolving into the level of discourse he clearly thrives on.
Not open for further replies.
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