SOLD Aria Cards Mold 500 chip Tournament set - 39mm - SOLD (2 Viewers)

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I’d love to be in the running! the only nice chips I have are cash game Terrible’s I got from Jim’s original sale. Only tournament chips I have are dice chips with awkward colors. Friends don’t notice but I do..not sure if the existence of the Terrible’s makes me out of the running. Good luck either way!
I'd also like to be considered for purchase (I have f&f in USA to ship to who will then send to me internationally).
This would certainly launch my tourney set! And those $5,000s :love:
not in on this but it’s nice to see the generosity on PCF. Only been on here a couple months but seems like a good group.
Please count me in! I have a new friend on here who will re-ship to me in Canada.. I think this counts as a major upgrade on my Outlaw tournament set (the only chips I have)
How much would it cost to ship to Mexico with zip code 54719?
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