SOLD Aransas Queen 820 piece set (In EU) - BarrieJ3 deal update -$475 (1 Viewer)

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Nov 22, 2018
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All right looks like doors are finally opening for a bit on the 15th. Posting this so I can mail out with my other 3 packages.

Aransas Queen Cash Set

Breakdown - $945 shipped:
300 x $1
400 x $5
100 x $25
20 x $100
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Split pricing same as last few sales for these. Specifically stolen from here

Standard Aransas Queen condition for chips. $1s used, with $5s-$100s being in pretty great condition. Close up of racks pictures attached.

Prices If split (will split if
$700+ in chips are accounted for):

$1 @ $1.20/chip - 300 Available
$5 @ $1.10/chip - 400 Available
$25 @ $0.85/chip - 100 Available
$100 @ $3.00/chip - 20 Available


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Last note, these will come down as soon as I have everything else shipped out on the 15th or 16th. Great set for an overseas chipper to save a couple $100 on vs buying in the US.

My picture is pretty crappy, still waiting for my light box. Chip condition is pretty equal with the chips seen in the much better picture below (credit to @ReallyGoodUsername, will take down if needed).

Always surprised when things aren't snap bought over here. EU chips come with built in extra costs passed along, with roulettes and solids at €1 a chip.

Will be interesting to see if Casino THCs can go for the same....:watching:
I really like these. Probably would’ve pulled the trigger if I hadn’t spent so much getting the LCO-set together. GLWS!
Huzzah. No word yet that quarantine efforts will be worsened yet, so looks like we’re still on schedule to get out the other packages this week.

Doing a normal BarrieJ3 deal as way too many Barrie deals are coming back home to roost.

Entire set for half price, $475 shipped. If or when you sell, I get FROR at same price. Only for active members in good standing with community and myself, or vouched by someone who meets criteria.

PM please.
This is an insane deal! Is it sold already?
Everyone should do this, imho. It helps others when you have too many chips, and if you can afford it, it creates a nice little personal secondary market.

I just bought back a cascade lanes BJ set, big roulette set, and casino used thc set in the last two weeks for about $1100. If also forces me to not overspend and always keep money in PP account, since I don’t know when someone will want to sell back.

I’m guessing these will be pending here shortly.
Great seller. Great chipper. I sent a PM but that said I'd like to see a EU and/or new chipper get em.
Great seller. Great chipper. I sent a PM but that said I'd like to see a EU and/or new chipper get em.
I generally usually just do these privately when someone misses out or something isn’t selling.

Unfortunately this is one of those things a new chipper doesn’t qualify for.
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