Anyone know if the is legit? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 22, 2015
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Looking at possibly purchasing some chips here, but no one answered phone/email?
Looks like a drop-ship reseller with no actual inventory, and most of the chip links I clicked on were dead pages. In addition, there are absolutely none of those chips I'd recommend buying in the first place.
World top hat and cane chips for about a buck and Paulson Nationals for under a buck.. if its legit I would go for that if I were you and you wanted a decently good set. good price if you get what you pay for
Well, yea, that's why I asked...was looking at the Paulsons...
I looked around and didn't see either of those. And those prices are at least 10 years old, when the chips were still available in quantity.
They're on there...go to poker chips, scroll down...but yea, pricing and everything else suggests site is no longer legit/active.

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