Anyone finding a fold on the river here? (2 Viewers)


Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
ACR 10NL Blitz. Not enough hands on Vs to make HUD stats useful.
Hero RFI 2.5BB from HJ. CO flats & SB 3! to 4BB. At this price I'm calling all day to set mine as I think the odds are good.
CO also calls.


Hero flops a boat. V bets 3/4 pot. Unless he has JJ I am way ahead of both but maybe Jx and AK/AA/KK are out there so I just call.
CO calls as well.


Turn is a brick. V in SB X. Looks like V may have AK and maybe CO has JX.
I want to keep building the pot but dont want to drive worse hands out so I bet 1/2 pot.
Both Vs call.


River is the Q and V in SB jams. Only think I can think of doing is to over jam to win a side pot from JX in CO if SB actually has QQ.
But I think (hope) SB may also spew jam AA/KK/AK/AQ?
A rational player is only jamming JJ/QQ here - I think CO has JX and so that leaves QQ for SB.
SB has to know that one of us has JX so jamming AA/KK/AK/AQ is losing.
At this price I'm not good enough to fold. If SB covered me I would be folding to this jam.

Anyone finding a fold here?

I can't fold under-full for that price. There is always the risk that Hero is going to be out drawn and often have no way to know it until too late. Good job on the river shove to recoup a little.

QQ Villain shouldn't have called the turn bet as his over-pair clearly was in bad shape. Two players called a 3/4 sized flop bet and then both are in for a 1/2 pot turn bet. Seems nearly certain than one or both players had QQ crushed. But this day the Poker Gods smiled on Queens and rivered a two-outer.

Folding never getting over 3 to 1. And even more never given player behind you obviously has a J with the way the hand goes down. The min 3 better can just as easily have AA and KK here.
Can't fold that hand. One could think that a J was out there, but since board not paired, it seems safe. Again, when the Q comes on the river, anyone could be playing J-Q, so the danger was present. Never would suspect Q-Q hole cards and hit a Q river...ouch!!!!!
I didn’t fold my nut flush on the river to my opponent that spiked the same queen on the river for his boat. So how could I fold here? I guess I’m just here to say, nope never folding.
You missed huge overbet potentials on flop and turn targeting JX hands. Stacks could already be in by the river or be pot committed.
No fold for sure even with QJ scary. Agree with feedback to play a bit faster
It’s just a cooler and part of the game. Nevertheless it’s a bad feeling when you have such a strong hand but feel that you’re definitely beat. I’m assuming the competition is pretty weak in $10 tournaments
They gambled for sure. Staying in on the QQ was risky and it paid off. That last bet was just enough to keep you in. An all-in would have pushed me out, knowing Js are out there. That pocket was out of left field.
The price is too good and he has a lot of AA/KK here. He seems terrible just by looking at his sizings. The second player obv has Jx often looking at flop and turn lines, so he is likely to call behind you. Call is good.

If the guy is stupid enough to call turn vs 2 players to hit a two outters on such a board vs such flop action he is clearly clicking buttons

BTW, raise this flop. His sizing is big, it is multiway and fish never folds hands they 3bet and cbet big on flops. You don't need to be balanced and have bluffs here. Bad scenario would be an A peeling and him slowing down with TT KK or QQ. Put money when ahead, try to get max value now and nobody folds Jx here anyway. His range is really out of Jx most of the time so he either folds AK(might not) or continues with pairs.
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