Almost ready for new (first) build...


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Feb 25, 2021
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Ordered TapPlastics ChemCast black LED acrylic for my diffuser Last Tusday, showed as shipped the same day and got it via UPS(which I hate) today...
Can't say enough good things about them and this product!

Ordered a couple of inches long to be sure I wasn't short, put it in it's groove and measure markled it, cut it effortlessly with a jigsaw and metal blade.
Installed it wondering how I would seal the edges to be lightproof... No need! Fits tight and straight after some shimming because my 14" gap was a bit too much...
Looks awesome!
Matte black when unlit and all your color shines through when lit.
Only thing I don't like is that you still see individual bulbs a little bit, not 100% glow like I hoped for :(
I think it's actually the cheapo amazon Chinese lights I used, I'll be looking for a strip with more bulbs per foot and change them out.

The pics DO NOT do this justice at all!
Do know why the blue light is so wonky LOL!!!

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