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Apr 1, 2013
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Not sure if this belongs here, but any idea where I could get an actual poker set that was used somewhere like Binions, Stardust, Desert Inn, pretty much any actual casino in Vegas or AC? For clarification: I am just looking for some chips with a kind of Vegas casino label on them (I am buying these as a gift, and my sister is a Vegas person).
You can find some on eBay occasionally, but they won't be cheap for a playable set. You can also post an ad in the M2M classifieds.

Edit:for the casinos listed the chips won't come cheaply but Jim at the Chip Room always has chips from cardrooms and casinos that have closed down.
How much on average is a playable set going to run you?

I consider a playable set to be 300 chips, unless you are talking about a heads-up set which I consider to be 100 chips.

If the chips are in casino used condition they could be as low as 0.25-0.30 cents on sale. For mint condition chips it could cost up to $3 or more per chip as in Crystal Park or BCC Vineyards.
Check local listings as well, I've seen sets posted on Kijiji or Craigslist, although it is's a better price then anywhere else if you manage to find it.
Forgot about CL although there's been a guy selling a large Desert Sands ceramic set on my local CL for a while.
I've seen a few on craigslist, and they go for rather cheap prices too. I was considering buying myself a set as well.
I've seen a few on craigslist, and they go for rather cheap prices too. I was considering buying myself a set as well.

How much? Here in Canada I bet they are more expensive, everything seems to be.
I've seen a few on craigslist, and they go for rather cheap prices too. I was considering buying myself a set as well.

As far as I've seen, on CL the cheap sets are just that:cheap. No problem if that's all you can afford/want/need as they'll get the job done but it's highly unlikely that the OP will find any of the sets he's looking for there.
How much? Here in Canada I bet they are more expensive, everything seems to be.

I think the further away from Vegas or AC you get, you're going to see those higher prices. I'm up in Michigan, haven't seen anything on Craigslist ever, but I'll expand my search. Problem is, a lot of sellers on CL aren't willing to ship. They want money up front in person.
From my experience, CT has a "classified" section where you'll find lots of chips. You can post "Wanted to Buy" as well, for a fee -- it probably has the highest concentration of users with chips you're looking for I'd think. This site is new and I don't want to take anything away from it, but you'll find more for sale on Chiptalk for now.

There are some resellers like, where you'll find chips. BTW, Jim who runs that site is nothing short of amazing. He regularly has casino chips he gets in a sells. Not too often from Vegas though.

Ceramic chips are going to be less expensive normally than clay but you have many, many, choices out there. Just how much ya wanna spend is the question! Best of luck.
I figure a good place to start would be craigslist or eBay. Those are where I like to find many things that are a bit out of the ordinary.
Real Vegas sets will be expensive, I sold 300 Binions for around $1200.00 about a year ago. I would check out Jim at for an affordable real non Vegas set. eBay is always a good place also.
I am confused. Is the OP looking for real casino chips from Vegas, or just any real casino chip set? The Vegas and Atlantic City gaming boards have laws that outline what a casino does with the chips when they close... They have no choice but to destroy them. So if you are looking for a set from one of those two places you are basically looking at getting either the Playboy chips from AC (pretty cool story there) or getting live chips for face value.

If you just want real casino chips like the one's in Vegas, check out the sales that thechiproom has from time to time. Other jurisdictions, like Washington, for example don't have the destroy law, and Jim from thechiproom is very good at getting his hands on them.

Jim got these chips last year, I bought most of them on the secondary market, and still need a few to fill out the set.

Or you can get home game Paulson chips like these on eBay. Paulson was purchased by GPI about 10 years ago and they are no longer available to non-casino customers.

Chips like these are rare on Craigslist, and when you find them they are gone pretty quickly. However, if you check CL and eBay enough you are bound to find a good buy or two. However, you have to sift through a lot, and I mean A LOT of junk to find the good stuff. However, many believe the fun is in the hunt.

Happy hunting!
DUNES!!! I totally forgot, a playable set is on eBay right now... Auction number [h=1]167918649[/h]They are vintage Las Vegas and from an iconic casino. They are a little spendy at $900 for 300 chips but if you are willing to spend that sort of cash, it is a set that would be greatly admired by all who saw it.
For the record, NV law requires that Casinos destroy their chips when replacing them. Same thing goes for ones that are closed down. At least, that is what I was told on another chip sight when I asked about the Sands chips when that place shut it's doors. Most of the chips from Chiproom seem to be WA based, as well as IL and the southern states.

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