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Don Clay

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Apr 24, 2013
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Hi all,

as some of you might know, I've recently bought a barrel of $25 chips and will soon receive some $2 & $3 chips (4 racks).
Dollars chips of these Casino are most well used (except a few mint racks) and I don't want to mix used and mint chips in my set.
Fractionnal chips were not released, so only solution is making some custom chips, that can be used as quarters, fracs, or dollars.

I was very lucky to meet the fine member p5woody, who does great designs !

p5woody's favorite is number 1 while mine is number 3. Which is yours ?

Most important question, which chip should I go up with to complete my set ?

I think RHC mold, spotted will be the best choice (ie : Mark Twain Casino $1)

I'll post pictures of the $2 & $3 when I get them.


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I like number 1 because it looks closest to the original imo
I tried using a Roulette mold chip with my RHC and it bothered me so I ended up selling them. If it doesn't bother you having two different molds then I'd say color wise it looks good.
I like the color of the chip, but the Roulette mold always bothers me. It would be worth the wait to find the right RHC to label.
This Roulette chip was just a place holder image I used during design until the real options started to be discussed.
Couldn't say better than p5woody,

I'll need your advices concerning the chip,
It could be RHC mold or, maybe a giant inlay like the new sonny, it could work with the $1 chip

What do you think ?
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The only problem with a giant inlay chip is it goes into the mold of the RHC so a sticker label won't cover all of the original inlay.
what about the Aztar $1

I've recently ordered 2 racks of them,
The spots are good ones, but no mint chips available, all are well used.
I'm thinking about solids now : RHC mold gold or yellow or mustard.
Why not use the font of 1 but make the text "Arlington, WA" at the top? The Aztar primary $1s are in unusually rough shape. You'll have to look elsewhere for mint chips.

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