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Jul 21, 2015
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Hello Everyone-

This is Gene with ABC Gifts and Awards. Many of you who have been around the poker chip forums for years will know me already, but I'm sure there are some newer folks who probably don't know anything about ABC Gifts and Awards! I've been through some health issues the last couple years, and there have been quite a few changes in the business which have kept me away from the online forums for quite some time. I'm glad to say I'm feeling great, and have finally settled down and able to rejoin the online community!

We've been in business for over 11 years now. Wow...time flies when you're having fun! As you might guess by the name of the business, we didn't start off initially making chips (that began in 2005). We do have an extensive line of poker trophies that make great awards for your poker events. Our main focus is our custom poker chips, which are smooth faced ceramic chips.

In 2011, we acquired Nevada Jacks, so you may see us post specials on Nevada Jacks Skulls, Nevada Jacks Saloon Series, and Desert Sands chips from time to time. The Nevada Jacks chips are textured ceramic chips, and this is the only site that we sell textured chips (unless you specifically ask for them through the other sites).

In 2014 we acquired the ePokerDeals website. I know there are lots of old reviews on this company that aren't so flattering, but we now run this website. There are some pretty cool designs on this site...if you've ever wanted to get some chips done with these designs but didn't want to get them based on what you had heard, that is no longer an issue.

At the beginning of the year we acquired CombatBet, a military focused custom challenge coins site. This site has 39mm chips, but also larger sizes and our triangle chips as well. We love working with those who are protecting and serving our country. Our Combatbet Facebook page is frequently updated with specials and cool sure to check it out and "like" the page!

In addition to posts from me, you'll be seeing posts in our forum from Kristil, who does the majority of our customer service and production setup. She'll be on here with the username CombatBet, so please welcome her when you see her here! :)

I look forward to reconnecting with those of you who I have met in the past, and to meeting those of you who I haven't met!

*two thumbs up*

Very cool to hear the recent news Jim. Exciting times for you :)

My golf crew still LOVES the custom chips you made for our league several years ago.
*two thumbs up*

Very cool to hear the recent news Jim. Exciting times for you :)

My golf crew still LOVES the custom chips you made for our league several years ago.

Half of my wife's family calls me Jim...I guess Gene isn't a name in Spanish. And Jim was the previous owner of Nevada I'll roll with it. LOL :)

+1 for Gene. I purchased (and have since sold) my NJ set a few years back. I had a great customer service experience with ABC Gifts and Rewards.
Good to see you, Gene! ABC has always done great trophies and other work for me over the years. Looking forward to sending some business your way.
Wow, Gene - you've been busy! Had no idea you bought out epokerdeals and combatbet, but excited at the prospect of you being at the helm of both. May have to revisit the epokerdeals web site, as I purchased a large order of semi-custom ceramics (as a wedding present for two poker friends) back in the day before the bad reviews started appearing. With an anniversary coming up soon, it would seem appropriate to look into getting them an add-on!

Welcome -- looking forward to seeing you around again.
Awesome to see your doing well Gene. I had a great experience with ABC when they did my custom Parrothead Casino cash and tourney set. Colors are fantastic. Did I read triangle chip correctly?
What's the sizing on the triangle chips? I just checked out the combatbet site, but didn't see dimensions listed.

Welcome to the site, Gene!

Actually WTF chips might make the best use of the triangle chips since when I hand them out I know all my players will ask me, "WTF is this?"

That's not a bad idea. I was also thinking WTF chips can be used like bounty chips where if someone wins a hand to the end with stupid dealt cards, the loser of the hand has to give them the WTF chip. At the end of the tourney, WTF chips are worth $10-20 from the bank. This would make it interesting for people to play out their 2 - 7 offsuits :)
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