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Feb 27, 2024
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New York
New here, so wanted to share a set that I've been working on. It'll be for (purely hypothetical, build-it-they-will-come) low limit mixed games, supporting 6-8 players for 4-8 fixed limit and 1-2 big bet.

The set consists of:
  • 500x black Card Club 500
  • 160x pink Lake Elsinore $3
  • 120x green Card Club 100
  • 20x off-white Shorelines $1

Planning to relabel the blacks as $1, pinks as $5, greens as $20 and whites as $100.

I recognize that there's probably something for everyone to hate with this set (RHC! Casino Used! Non-standard colors! Too many denoms for limit!), but the goal was to put together something that is unique and relatively affordable and I think we're getting there.


Next steps:
- Find different chips for the $100s. The Shorelines that I have now are just way too light, need to find something leaded to match the rest of the set. Have really struggled there to find something that works with the palette & spot progression.
- Find more LE $3s. Right now I have a mix of the older/lighter pink and newer/hotter pink and I'm trying to get to only the new ones (they also better match the wear of the Card Clubs)
- Tons of cleaning/oiling/label removal


Will update here as I make progress. Would love any feedback or suggestions that you have!

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