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Apr 16, 2018
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Up for sale is a cash set im disbanning and went another direction

200 x Sherbert Orange $100/rack- SOLD
254 x Sea Green - $100/rack
250 x Orange - $100/rack

105 x Lime - $100/rack - SOLD

All chips have been ran through my ultrasonic cleaner

Paypal f&f or venmo

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i have no idea lol. ive had these chips before and its an interesting number scheme with the R before the number. not sure what it means.
What do the numbers on the roulette inlay represent? What table they are at?
Yeah exactly. Since a casino will have multiple tables running at multiple stakes, that’s a security feature. At least I think so. If the chips on table 1 are worth $1 and the chips on table 2 are worth $5, you could just sneak table 1 chips onto table 2 and profit, if there was nothing to distinguish them.
breaking up the set. selling by the rack. and barrels

200 x Sea Greens - $100/rack
200 x Orange - $100/rack

40 x Sea Greens availalbe - $20/barrel
50 x Oranges - $20/barrel and $10/for the 10 remaining.

105 x limes @arch3r
200 x orange sherberts @suchj0sh
14 x sea greens @MichaelBubly
This is crazy. New chippers are sleeping on this deal.

100 a rack THCs is a pretty rare sight. Rare-ish colors with multiple racks for 100 is almost unheard of.

Add $80 at sticker mule and you have an amazing custom set of Paulson goodness.

Almost pulling the trigger on principle alone.
Looks like a premade hooters set to me!


what I did the last time I scored multiple racks of a crazy color.


What would you guys do with these two colors?

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