$5000 Taj Mahal Plaques (3 Viewers)


3 of a Kind
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Sep 4, 2013
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Las Vegas
I wanted to see how the Tina plaques are so I ordered $5000 Taj Mahal plaques. They are not as nice as Matsui but are very close to MSK.
Tina is making some very nice stuff.
I am selling them for $4.99 if you need any.

@5aces Send me your address for a free plaque!
Germany? I will send a free plaque but you will have to cover shipping.
1st US like gets one for free too.
Do you sell the Tina Taj Mahal $5k chip? Or how about $1k with the black / white edge spots, or the blue 25¢ ?
beautiful Josh, I was always hoping you would make some other plaques, like the ones you did for Sahara.
Sands And Aladdin come to mind......

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