SOLD $5000 Paulson Classic Poker Chip - Gear Labels - $12.95ea (2 Viewers)

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Because you contribute absolutely nothing to the community and attempt to sell overpriced chips while sounding like a used car salesman. I think the community has spoken. Your time selling would be better served on eBay.
The reality is shit like that doesn't sell on eBay either, it's just us shopping there at the end of the day.
It ‘feels’ like you are trying to angle shoot with creating a new thread. The community will continue to post in these threads as a way to protect newer members and scrutinize what they believe is price gouging.

The community is also protective of what @ChippinUp notes, you would have better luck selling these if you where ‘one of us’ instead of just trying to use the site to sell, and where more in the range of what the community feels is a realistic range price wise.

I feel obligated to post being very direct and sincere as the other five posts you haven’t been able to seem to get the message.

I think you’d also get a lot less what you feel as a erroneous comments if you purchased a vendor membership.

I hope this helps

thanks for the feedback
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