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Not Mine 500 Micro Stakes Paulsons (2 Viewers)


4 of a Kind
Mar 25, 2013
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the seller can't post here due to post count but here is a link.


Good Day Everyone.
These are my chips, but I couldn't post the ad as a newbie, so David was kind enough to do so for me.
If this works, here are some more pictures of the chips. Please hit me up with any questions!
Price for the set is $375.00 including shipping to the lower 48.
The chips are USED, they have edge nicks, some dirt, and there are chips that are warped. But having said all that, they're not in bad shape for their age.
These would be great for a Friendly "loose your Lunch money, not the Rent money" game, or be good addition to your tournament set as ante chips.
They come in an older case that is showing it's age. Some rust on the latches and stitching worn and coming undone, but it's still quite solid and serviceable, just not pretty.
A Chips 003.jpg
Poker Chips 001a.jpg
Poker Chips 001b.jpg
Poker Chips 001c.jpg
Poker Chips 001d.jpg
Poker Chips 001e.jpg

Steve Gobel
Good looking chips individually but the colors are all too close for me, especially if you were also using a red 5. Good luck!

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