SOLD 43mm Matsui Horseshoe Tournament set and 43mm Bellagio Tribute No Mold Cash set (1 Viewer)

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Feb 13, 2021
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Peoria, AZ
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Well, this is the last thing I was expecting to do on Father's Day, but one of my in-laws decided today was a great day to bug my wife about their money troubles.

Long story short, I have my reservations about this individual and don't want to touch any of my savings or emergency funds in this situation. But I also want to keep the peace with my wife, so I told her I would try to sell some stuff to help out.

So, here I am. I have the following sets for sale.

(1100) 43mm No Mold Bellagio Tribute Cash set - These are no longer offered in the group buys. So, this is an awesome opportunity to get this set and not wait three months. The set comes with two dealer buttons, one ceramic, and one acrylic. Justin Racks are included. The set has never seen the felt, just unpacked an moved to racks. Asking $540.00/shipped for everything. SOLD!!!!!

Here is the breakdown:

$0.25 - 220
$1.00 - 320
$5.00 - 320
$20.00 - 100
$25.00 - 100
$100.00 - 40

(600) 43mm Matsui Horseshoe Tournament Set - I really don't want to let this set go, but I hardly play tournaments anymore and that's the only reason I can justify selling it. The breakdown is a little weird because I sold part of the set to another member, but you can still get create some decent starting stacks with this set. I sold the Matsui racks, so these will come in the Justin 43mm racks, which I think are better. Matsui Horseshoe button is included. This set was meant to be a high roller tournament set, which is why it is heavy on the higher denoms. The set has never seen any play. I just shuffled a few barrels here and there. Asking $1215/shipped for everything. I'm willing to break up the set if everything is accounted for. The cost would be $2/chip plus shipping. SOLD!!!!

Here is the breakdown:

T100 - 180
T500 - 120
T1000 - 160
T5000 - 80

T25000 (Tan) - 60

Please post your dibs in the thread and follow up with a PM. This helps other members know what is still available. If you are a newer member, sending a PM first is okay since you might be unable to post in the thread. I'll post your interest in the thread for other members to see.


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