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Jul 22, 2015
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Hi all,

Selling Brand New Paulson Home Classic Chips. Will sell in multiples of 25 or whole set. As of now, I have just under 420 chips available; breakdown below:

247 @ $10 (197 left)
100 @ $100 (see *note below)
25 @ $500 (SOLD)
14 @ 1000 (SOLD)
3 @ $5,000 (SOLD) (these may be used; from other Paulson set with $5k label on them which is a bit fuzzy).
3 @ NCV/Hot Stamped (Grey) chips for use as high denominations or whatever.

Asking Price:
  • $42 + $5 S/H for lot of 25 black chips (continental U.S.)
  • $38 + $5 S/H for lot of 25 all other denominated chips (continental U.S.)
  • If interested in whole set, send me a message.
*Note regarding $100 black chips: recently acquired the black chips and noticed some type of 'residue' on some of them (appears as if a soda was spilled on some of them, but they're not sticky); prior seller told me this came from original Paulson box that they were shipped in and is normal, but I thought I would mention it. See photo.

I0rMAG7904c.jpg IMAG7958c.jpg resizedIMAG7874c.jpg rIMAG7885c2.jpg rIMAG7903c.jpg rIMAG7908c.jpg rIMAG7932c.jpg rIMAG7940c.jpg


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Willing to break up set...If interested in $1k's, grey/pinks, will sell those without selling in 25 multiple if interested. Price includes shipping.
What about international shipping ? Can be interested in some $100, $500 and $1000
If you're willing to pay for the shipping; then I would be fine shipping it internationally. Send me a note with your details if you're interested.

$500's are sold, and down to 100X100's.
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