Found 4 x PNY $20

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Sep 18, 2017
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Must be the conversion to the metric system.

Good luck in your search, Tony. That set is gorgeous.
Truth be told I thought I already had two barrels when I only had 26 chips, bought another two barrels thinking that I would have 80 and I’d put them in a rack with a barrel of hundos (still with me?). Then in true scrub donkey fashion I bought a big brass locking tray that I don’t need (still got your attention?). Upon filling the aforementioned tray it became apparent that you can’t fit 50 chips into the bit where the lock is as turning the lock will damage the chip nearest it (stay awake). So I figured out that I only need 40 chips for that section. I have a barrel of hundos and 16 $20 chips hence the reason why I only need 4. Would have put all that in my original post but feared I would lose my target audience... I’m away for a lie down :LOL: :laugh:
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