26 Kansas Senators Apparently Think It's Fine For You To Go To Prison For Playing Onl (1 Viewer)

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Mar 25, 2013
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A bill up for consideration by Kansas law-writers received an amendment this week to prohibit Internet gambling within the state. It appears that under the new provision playing online poker, ...

I really wonder what they hope to achieve with these laws. What problems does online poker cause for the state anyway? Does the already overcrowded prison system really need harmless poker players adding to the population? The motives for attempting to introduce such laws probably need to be examined more closely.
Seriously? They need to worry about other things like murderers, rapists, pedophiles...etc instead of going after poker players. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing online poker, and I don't get why the government is trying to control how we spend our money, but at the same time it doesn't surprise me.
I couldn't find the article in the link, but it looks like (from heading) they think it's ok for someone to go to prison for playing poker online?? What is the big deal with online poker? Why do law makers find it so important to produce laws to prohibit? There are sooooo many things wrong with this country, but online poker is not one of them. If it's a tax revenue thing, require the hosting companies to submit earning reports and people can pay a reasonable tax rate. If it's a gambling addiction issue, that is a personal concern. People are addicted to sugar and there are no laws for that. And other forms of gambling are still legal across the country.

I just don't get all the hub-bub about playing online. It kinda pisses me off though.
I am so glad someone posted this story here. I heard this on the radio. Instead of trying to send people to jail for something that is perfectly legitimate and legal, why not concentrate efforts on real criminals? This seems to be some Senators being a little butthurt that some money's headed out of their state, so why not be friendly towards these businesses? Try to start some up in Kansas instead of this knee-jerk reaction toward something so harmless?
It seems like the article is no longer available under that link.

Does somebody have a different one?

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