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Nov 4, 2014
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I have 300 used Grand Victoria $25 primaries for sale.

The chips are all in casino used condition with nicks and other use evident. The metallic look of the metallic gold spots have faded a bit from use and possibly cleaning. I cleaned these up with the majority of face grime removed but dirt remains in the molds of some chips (mostly in the canes). The flaky shiny bits on all the chips are a security feature, I think.

$60 USD per rack + shipping from Canada. Buyer to cover all Paypal fees. The cost of shipping 200 chips will be around $25-$30 for Americans depending on what state you're in. I'd guess around $5 more per additional rack, but need your address to check.

I have another rack in noticibly better condition than the others. Pictures further down the page. Buy everything and get these chips for the same price as the others, so $240 + shipping for all.

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I like these chips...I'll take them. PM coming...

shipping to my place is a little more than I expected, therefore, these chips are still for sale.
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I'm planning on oiling some chips tonight and would oil these as a courtesy to whoever bought them if requested. Might make detailing some of the molds a little harder but you would have mostly cleaned chips oiled and ready to play right out of the post.
FWIW, they don't benefit a huge amount from oiling, compared to other colors. I have some oiled and some not in the same rack.
200 more for sale. I sorted these out from the others but I'm not convinced one rack is that much better condition than the ones posted earlier. Maybe they have less face wear.

The other rack (the one on the right) is in noticeably better condition with squarer edges, less nicks and most of the texture on the face is still there, etc. All have been (mostly) cleaned as in the first post.

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That Canadian shipping is really saving my wallet... don't think I could resist otherwise.
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